Basal Implants

Basal Implants and Basal screws – no more bone grafts!

Basal Implants is the name of one of the remarkable advanced system of Basal implant group. It is specially designed for immediate implant loading so you will get permanent teeth just within 3 days.

This is inverted “T” shape implants which flat surfaces with space keep area for bone growth. Also, its load bearing area has no communication of cavity. In addition, Basal Implant can adopt big loads and have a huge ability for regeneration.

Some details about Basal implants:

It refers to the implants utilizing principles of the basal bone areas which are free from infection and succession after having Basal implant patient’s chewing function become normal and trouble free for a very long time.

Basal Implants

New Revolution

These small and simple devices made too easy all the major problems which were found in dental implants from the beginning. They are plain, simple but work great in many ways.

Basal Implant & basal screw works independently in the presence of bone volume in the vertical dimension. The patient, who has enough horizontal bone or vertical bone needs not to go through with sinus lift.

This time, there are many options available for immediate implant placement and implant loading. Avoiding some time and money wasting process like sinus lifting patients should go through with any well-known successful process like Basal Implants.

In axial implants, patients were forced to undergo 4 to 5 different surgical procedure. More than one-year duration these implants are given:

  • Removal of all affected teeth, give a time for healing and prepared for next surgery.
  • An additional surgery at the donor site after two months of bone grafting.
  • Insertion of the implants (after six months of bone graft healing).
  • After implant healing six months later placement of the crowns or bridge.
  • Every so often patients may need an additional periodontal surgery.

When patients treated with axial implants they have had to wear dentures for one more year for getting fixed teeth.

The Permanent Teeth in 3 days technique by basal implants, which is a combination of other single piece implants; patients will get permanent natural looking ceramic teeth. Basal Implants have a high success rate for those patients have gum disease or smokers.

Benefits of Basal Implants and basal screw:

It has several benefits to mention. These are:

  • It’s a safe and painless procedure.
  • No need of bone grafting.
  • Use of single piece implantology.
  • No complications during peri-implants.
  • Generally, it’s a very fast process.
  • Very high rate of success.
  • Not too expensive

Basal Implants

Some other things you should know

Occasionally, it may impossible to replace one tooth. The certain area is required for this implantation. It is a great option for tooth replacement.

The risks are less than benefits. It’s a quite successful implant. But if your dental surgeon is not well practiced in this particular implants or even he or she is not a periodontist (teeth bone and gum specialist) then it could be not successful. Also, some patients who is chain smoker or who has a metabolic disease such as poorly controlled diabetics, may not so beneficial in this kind of implants. Otherwise, there is no remarkable risk of Basal Implants.

How much is a dental implant ?

Dental implants are an expensive procedure, and searching around for low cost dental implants isn’t recommended it’s an extremely complicated process just to be performed by dental specialists with extensive training, and not something you’d want to risk.

Although all process has the potential for complications and dental implants have a high rate of success. Nearly all surgeons take the extra precaution of prescribing medicine specially antibiotics to lower the risk even more. So it can be said that Basal Implants and basal screw- BASAL implants are a wise choice for dental implantation.