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Full Mouth Dental Implants

This advanced dental implantology brings in a new hope for those who want to get permanent teeth implants.

Single-Piece Implants

Single-piece implants ensure you to get back your confidence and comfort, allow for full mouth implants in 3 days.

Immediate Implants

Immediate Implants make it possible for a dentist to place a dental implant the same day when a tooth is removed.

Pterygoid Implants

Pterygoid implants make the whole procedure much more easier than the zygomatic implants and sinus lift procedure.
Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center
Full Mouth Dental Implants
At our center, the "Permanent teeth in 3 days" technique positively answers all your dental concerns.

This technique devised by Dr. Motiwala is an improvisation of immediate-loading technique learned from his mentor Dr. Stefan Ihde in 2007. Patients with full dentures have been restored with fixed teeth on implants within a week. In a single visit, the teeth are restored and the patient can go back home with a confident smile.

Permanent teeth in 3 days technique allows for the immediate fixing of permanent zirconia-porcelain bridge on basal implants. The basal implants are fixed through the gum without cutting it. There is no need for bone grafting or sinus lift as the implants anchor in the basal cortical bone.

Being single piece implants they are free from the complications of the connecting screw prevalent in conventional implants.

The technique is not at all about making it economical but all about making it a robust and long-term solution for the edentulous. Coincidently, it turns out to be a very economical solution compared to all the other full mouth dental implants techniques because of the use of the very reasonably priced basal implants.

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State of the Art Dentistry

Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center in Hyderabad specializes in giving that healthy glowing smile. Our center offers state of the art cosmetic dentistry treatments like metal free crowns and veneers, but our most popular treatment is our trademarked "Permanent Teeth in 3 Days" full mouth dental implant restoration.


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