Full Mouth Dental Implant

Permanent Teeth Implants in 3 days with Lifetime Warranty:

The advanced dental implantology brings a new hope for those people who want to get permanent teeth implants. At our center, you will get the opportunity to have permanent teeth implants in 3 days without sinus lift also with a life time warranty. Patients don’t need to come for multiple long term visits to get this treatment which has happened on the other traditional treatments. You will only enjoy the benefits of permanently fixed bridges no need to think about how much do Dental Implants Cost. Full mouth dental implant treatment available at affordable prices.

Some basic information about this treatment

This technique is developed by a Swiss dental implant company named IHDE Dentals. Dr. Motiwala placed over 2,000 immediate implants with this technique. Here it can be mention that many difficult and hopeless cases are easily done with it. Also, it assures you permanent teeth implants in 3days™ without sinus lift with the lifetime warranty with its other facility.

Permanent Teeth Implants

The Technique – Permanent teeth in 3 days™

For Full Mouth Reconstruction a full set of ceramic teeth is fixed on the implants (with 2nd molars). That’s mean patients get 14 teeth on each arch. Making of fixed teeth in our hi-tech lab takes just 3 days. Patients don’t need to go back without teeth during the implants. Because a temporary set of teeth are fixed in the same sitting. 3days later, once the permanent teeth are made, the temporary one has been removed and fixed. For permanent teeth implants Zirconia or Regular porcelain fused to metal is used.

In some particular technique, the dentist is forced to fix temporary plastic teeth which are replaced after 3 or 6 months afterward. But this technique has a high risk of failure. Also, patients could end up getting just 10/12 teeth, where, these teeth are not enough for chewing properly.

Otherwise, here we use a combination of basal implants, pterygoid implants, compression implants, which easily use to manage a full set of permanent teeth implants within 3 days. There is no need to go through a patient in sinus lift or bone graft.

Teeth replacement (single/multiple):

Single or multiple implants are placed and the permanent ceramic crown or crowns are set up there only in 3 days. During the implants, a temporary plastic crowns are placed in the empty place so the patients don’t need to go home without teeth. And the 3rd day the permanent ceramic crown is fixed finally.

Time Factor

In our center, we assure you to deliver beautiful permanent teeth on implants which have great aesthetic appeal. In 3 days of implants placement, we deliver fixed prosthesis. Patients no need to come back to the center after 2-3 month of Osseo integration. Now, talk about the international patients. They just have to take out a week from their busy schedule. All the small dental work will do just in few days. Any necessary dental extraction, single sitting root canal, cosmetic dentistry can be completed with minimum time. Also, our team of specialist and lab experts will do all the necessary things very fast. And you will get a full set of teeth that looks beautiful and feel natural. We can assure you, the final results will fully satisfying like you hoped for.

Permanent Teeth Implants

The Permanent teeth in 3 days™ which done in 1 segment

  • Tooth extraction (if needed).
  • Implant placement.
  • Create and fit Prosthetics on Implant.

Extraction and implantation of teeth could be done on the same day with this technique. Through the surgery a fixed acrylic bridge is fabricated and the permanent ceramic teeth impressions will be taken. Your new set of teeth will be prepared and fixed just in 3 days. This technique often is used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full set of teeth with significant comfort, confidence, and appeal. Permanent teeth implants in 3 days ™ – no more sinus lift with lifetime warranty can change your life.