Low Cost Dental Implants

Permanent Teeth in 3 Days

No one likes to spend more money than they have to, especially on a surgical procedure that isn’t going to be fun at all. Dental implants can quickly burn a hole in your wallet and most procedures can take several months requiring countless visits to the dentist before they finish.

All this changed with the advent of one-piece implants, a marvel of modern medicine that was only made possible by advancements in implantology. This innovative treatment will get you a new set of teeth in just a single day. The revolutionary technique is literally called “Permanent Teeth in 3 Days”, it is economical and efficient.

But why is it so economical? We have two words for you: dental tourism. It’s when you travel to another country for the exclusive purpose of receiving more affordable dental treatment and a vacation at the same time. Some of the most affordable and highly reputable dental care countries include India, Poland, Mexico, and Hungary.

Change Your Life

With One-Piece Implants

Low cost dental implants
  • Your confidence will get boosted
  • The new set of teeth will bring a beaming smile to your face
  • You won’t look older
  • The bone loss would go away
  • Surrounding teeth won’t change their position because of loss of teeth
  • And the best part is that you will start eating like normal again!

How it Works

Sounds too good to be true?

One piece implants are rooted in science backed up by highly reputable dentists worldwide. The one-piece implant is catching up fast across the globe because of one simple reason: it is incredibly efficient at mimicking natural teeth and can be used throughout the mouth.

One piece implants are machined from titanium, which ties together the integral fixed abutment and implant body in a single piece. The implant’s body can be made available in different lengths and diameters, taking both scalloped and non-scalloped formats.

The surgery is easy for dentists to perform due to the minimal invasion to the gums. This is convenient for patients because they no longer have to go through discomfort and pain that is normally associated with a trip to the dentist’s office.

The single piece implant doesn’t share the same problems that other screw based implants seem to have such as jointing and screw fixing problems. Alternative screw implants have serious side effects that can be made even worse by due to incorrect angulations. Furthermore, it is entirely possible for the 2 mm thin screw to break away after the implantation.

What’s worse is that two or more implants don’t come with lifetime warranties because technicians know their patients will be making a second (and disgruntled trip) to their clinic. Single piece implants come with lifetime warranties, which means that patients can have peace of mind that their money is in safe hands.

Numerous Advantages of One Piece Implants:

  • No jointing or connecting screws because you only need one piece implants
  • Absolutely no micro-leaking
  • Unlike one piece implants, multiple implants have problems stemming from the crystal bone
  • Since there is no connecting screw, the single piece implant won’t have the risk of screw tensions loosening
  • One-piece implants are incredibly strong, which is why dentists give lifetime warranties in the first place
  • Our single-piece implants are 3mm instead of the conventional 4mm implant normally used
  • This is a flapless surgical process, which means patients don’t have to fear about cuts to their gums
  • Did we mention that one piece implants are incredibly affordable? This is one surgical procedure that won’t break the bank
  • The surgical process will take only 1 to 3 days to complete. This means you don’t have to put off important tasks just to make that dentist’s appointment.


Implants Completed