Tuberopterygoid Implants

Cost of Upper Dentures

Many patients are disheartened when they hear they don’t qualify for dental implants because of decreased bone mass in the upper jaw. But recent advances in modern implantology have made it possible to grow bone mass through procedures that are not surgically invasive, making the process painless for patients.

Our clinic specializes in tubero-pterygoid implants which are highly successful and practiced all over the world. At its heart, tubero-pterygoid is the placement of an implant which is inserted near the third molar tooth. This stimulates the body into producing more bone deposits near the maxillary sinus.

The cost of upper dentures has been on the decline, requiring fewer procedures and a span of as little as three days.

The implants are secured to the pterygomaxillary buttress to allow dentists to immediately load the implants. If the technicians follow proper procedure, the patient will no longer have to undergo sinus lifts and bone grafts, saving them 6 months spent on treatments.

This allows denture wearers to have a full set of teeth on the very same day die to tubero-pterygoid implants.

The Procedure

This Is How It's Done

Cost of upper dentures

The dentist will usually take a CT scan or suitable X-Rays to determine bone density and its structural integrity. Teeth already present in the required jaw are extracted to make room for tubers pterygoid implants. The entire process can take a single visit but also depends on the patient’s state of health. If the patient has a periodontal infection, the treatment might take a bit longer, but it will still be lower than 3 to 6 months.

Following the attachment of the implants, a full arch acrylic bridge is attached to keep them secure in a place.

The process is painless and doesn’t offer discomfort to patients because of local anesthesia. It is common for patients to also opt for intravenous sedation for optimum results. You should contact experienced dental surgeons to evaluate your condition before starting such a procedure.

Sinus lift in contrast, requires complicated surgical intervention that can take as long as a full year before dentists judge it appropriate to place the final prosthetic implants.

Advantages of Pterygoid Implants:

  • There is no need for sinus grafting
  • Patients no longer require placement of cantilevers from implants
  • It allows patients to enjoy food in much the same way as they did before their teeth started falling out. This isn’t possible with zygomatic implants because of the presence of cantilevers
  • The pterygoid bone structure is incredibly strong, allowing dentists to immediately load implants
  • Pterygoid implants require a single piece implant. This avoids the risk of screws losing tension after passage of time
  • Because the procedure is minimally invasive, there is no fear of swelling or bleeding. This means that patients no longer need the use of blood thinners to stop bleeding
  • We give lifetime warranty on pterygoid cases
  • The procedure is highly efficient with a success rate of almost 100%
  • Patients receive a full set of teeth

Given the above advantages, tubero-pterygoid implants provide patients with a great alternative to zygomatic implants which are costly and time consuming.


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