Tuberopterygoid Implant

Our Cost of Upper Dentures are affordable

If your dentist said that there is less bone in your upper jaw for dental implant then don’t be sad. Patients can go for permanent teeth implants on upper jaw, and cost of Upper Dentures is less expensive, some special cases which given below.

  • Cantilever bridges.
  • Sinus lift.
  • Implants in automatic buttress areas.

There is a great solution for this kind of cases. And that is the pterygoid implant. It is now replacing zygomatic implants. Such as some patients needs dental implants for the upper jaw and were going for sinus lift or bone grafts as per traditional old techniques. But with one procedure we place the pterygoid implant. Also, the permanent ceramic crown will be placed just within 3 days.

Let’s know something about pterygoid implants

Pterygoid implants and zygomatic implants are the alternative surgery for sinus lift procedures which are practiced all over the world and in India. At our center, we are practicing tubero-pterygoid implant in many cases with success. Here some information about it

What is Tubero-pterygoid implant?

This implant located on uppers jaw area in the second molar. It allows prosthetic rehabilitation on full mouth dental implants. For the immediate loading implants, the applied forces go to the pterygomaxillar butter area. The procedure complete under conscious sedation. It is very safe easy and relaxing also the cost of Upper Dentures is less expensive.

Pterygoid implants are more easier then zygomatic implants and sinus lift procedure. For pterygoid implants we can use local anesthesia, other hand zygomatic implants required cantilevers.

It’s an artificial tooth replacement which is used for counter tooth loss. They hold dental crown or bridge or denture just like roots hold natural teeth in gum. Many dentists consider pterygoid implants to be one of the greatest advancements in dental history. They truly are the best thing after your natural teeth.

Some advantages of pterygoid implants:

  • Reduce the essentiality of sinus grafting.
  • No need of cantilevers from implants or front teeth.
  • It helps for efficient chewing. Because in pterygoid implants the second molar are placed. This is not possible in zygomatic implants. In some cases it may be placed which are made as cantilevers, may weak after some time.
  • Pterygoid area’s bone is very strong to allowing immediate loading.
  • In pterygoid implants, one piece implants is used.
  • Patients who has bone or who has less in their upper jaw are a good candidate for pterygoid implants.
  • No tension of loosing screw.
  • No swelling.
  • No bleeding. No need to use of blood thinners to stop bleeding.
  • Lifetime warranty can be given in pterygoid cases. Because in rigid cortical bone as strong single piece implants are being used.
  • The rate of success- 100%.

Cost of Upper Dentures

Comparison between tubero pterygoid implant and zygomatic implant

Tubero pterygoid implants Zygomatic implants
Implants types Single piece Implants Screw based implants
Cantilevers none Placed
Criteria No contraindications Pathologically free sinus and symptom-free
Relative risk of failure No risk of sinusitis Risk of sinus infection
Permanent bridge On the 3rd day of implant placement- permanent ceramic bridge First 4 months- Acrylic/plastics bridge. After 4 months cantilever permanent ceramic bridge.
Surgical guide No need Needed
No of teeth 14 teeth are given 10/12 teeth given
Second molar teeth Given Not given
Anesthesia With or without sedation Local anesthesia is given General anesthesia
Cost of implant Affordable Expensive
No of implants for full upper jaw 8-10 6 -10
CT scan Not needed Compulsorily needed
Warranty Lifetime warranty on implant No warranty

In conclusion, Tubero-pterygoid implants represent very great alternatives in zygomatic implants or sinus lift. With comparing the success rate and another issue, it is very useful and affordable treatment for any patients. Tubero-pterygoid implants overcome the problem with osseointegrated implant.