Bone Grafting

Do you want to know Dental Bone Graft Cost and Process of Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting or Bone augmentation is widely used in implant dentistry. Basically, it used for any kind of bone volume deficiency problem. Proper volume of bone is compulsory for any kind of dental implants. So if you have been told by your dentist, that you don’t have enough bone for dental implants then here some good suggestion for your help but dental bone graft cost is little bit expensive.

Few words about bone grafting or bone augmentation

Many implants are not required for bone augmentation like Zygomatic implants, basal implants, short implants (Bicon implants length 5 mm) pterygoid implants etc. These implants perform high success without bone grafting or augmentation. For immediate implant loading, your original bone is enough for this kind of technique.

Dental Bone Graft Cost
Dental Bone Graft Cost

Discussion about Bone grafting

At first, some words about the definition of Bone Grafting. This is a surgical procedure that replaces lost or missing bone in order to repair bone fractures. It is a complex process in many ways. In dental science, it is used to reconstruct bone and supporting tissue which lost due to any gum diseases. Bone grafting also called by regenerative surgery. It may also be used to maintain bone structure after extraction of the tooth.

Reason of using bone grafting

Usually periodontitis affected patients are treated with bone graft. It’s a gum losing disease where patients loose gum converge and most worse bone support around their teeth. Bone Graft Dental helps the area to regenerate all the lost tissue.

How it’s done

This surgery starts with cutting the gum of infected area and reaches the depth of the root bones. The roots are cleaned carefully from the whole side and filled with any grafted material which called filling. Grafting materials could be your bone, synthetic glasses, and cow or cadaver bone. At last, they will cover again with a physical barrier. A periodontist does this surgery.

Later then, to set wrap, it has to give some time. The surgical area also covered with bandage for healing. This called periodontal pack or else dressing. After 6-10 months this area will starts to fill with new tissue and bone. For that reason, your tooth starts to re-attaching with the jaw.

Dental Bone Graft Cost

Recent view of implant placement & bone graft:

Bone grafting may doctor’s hard choice when there was no option without it. Because it considered to place implants in native or original bones. Original bones are highly mineralize so it is more suitable for implants more then grafted bone.

Follow up:

  • Take all the medicines which recommended by your doctor.
  • Always try to keep your mouth clean.
  • Take antibiotics if needed.
  • Brush twice a day uses floss and mouth cleaner.
  • During the postoperative time if have a swelling problem then reduce the swelling by use of an ice pack to the site from the outside of your face.
  • Follow the instruction of the doctor.


  • It’s a complex and risky procedure.
  • Significant health risk possibility.
  • May fail to heal the surgery area.
  • Sometimes get infected while healing.
  • It is a long lasting process. Almost 6 to 1 year.
  • Grafted bones will not stronger then original bone.
  • Possibilities of volume shrinkage
  • Dental Bone Graft Cost also expensive.

At what time to call your doctor:

After the surgery, your periodontist monitors you closely for next some month. You have to go for regular checkups also. Moreover, if you feel any problem after the surgery like unstoppable bleeding, pain or any liquid discharge then immediately call your doctor. Also, the surgical area may swell or become red. If so then it might be a sign of infection. This must be treated soon as possible. A successful surgery of bone grafting could help you to get rid several type of gum diseases.