Immediate Implants

Immediate Implant Placement can be done in 3 days

In some few words, Immediate Implant Placement are such a procedure when the tooth is removed and at the Same Day Dental Implants are placed. This procedure is considered as a standard way of preventing any changes in shape of bone and gum near the extracted tooth. In one intervention whole surgical treatment could be completed. For that’s why it is more convenient for a patient.

Just in few cases, it is not possible to do this procedure in one intervention. Such, there is a cyst or abscess in relation to a badly infected tooth. In this type of situations, first of all the infected tooth has been pluck or removed and then allow some time for healing this infected are. After that, the implant should be done.

Let’s get elaborate this topic

There are many good reasons to choose a patient to go for an Immediate Implant Placement, so here some explanation about it.

Immediate Implant Placement
Immediate Implant Placement

Why to choose immediate dental implants

In traditional implants, total duration of the treatment could be 6 months to almost 1 year. Because of this treatment involved multiple appointments. Only after tooth extraction patients have to wait for the implant placement almost 3 months. Where, immediate implants are placed after extraction of the tooth.

Multiple appointments involved in a traditional implant treatment. This treatment could extend from 6 month to 14 months. Here is a quick view of the process and time of traditional dental implants.

  • Extraction of tooth (patients have to wait for 3 month for the placement of implant).
  • Placement of implant.
  • Unload healing phase (almost 6 weeks to 6 months, even more).
  • Uncovering of implants- (For fusion of implant in bone patients have to wait for 3 to 6 months)
  • Prosthetic phase.

Usually old treatment system for loading implants patients would have to wait for a long time from the beginning to end. Patients had to put on a denture till the implants combined with the bone; otherwise, it could not possible to go through an implant placement. The latest implant technology offers patients to get their teeth fixed in 3 days with immediately loadable “Permanent teeth in 3 Days” and our technique of “single piece implants” as well as “Full Mouth Dental Implants” .

Immediate Implant Placement
Immediate Implant Placement

Flapless implants

(Figure 1) a gum flap is reflected to expose bone when the implant is being placed before the gum is cut. Flapless implants need no gum reflection (Figure 2). This procedure does not disturb the blood supply to the thin delicate bone. Some advantages of this procedure are given below.

  • After implant healing, there are no changes in bone level.
  • Done this surgery in minimum time.
  • Blood loss is very few. If any then patients use heparin, aspirin then they don’t need to stop this medicine or any blood thinners .
  • Less postoperative discomfort.
  • It has high success rate to implants that were allowed to heal for a time after receiving any crown.
  • Patients get a set of temporary teeth on the first day and permanent teeth in 3 days, which are made of zirconia or ceramic.
  • It’s save your time.
  • It’s save our money. Whole procedure could be done within 3 days so patients don’t need to come back again and in the center.

In conclusion, this treatment will help to preserve all soft and hard tissue with its proper contour and dimension. Also decrees the treatment time and help to get you a better result. Moreover, an appropriate decision can change your life. Achieve a great result with our specialist team. With Immediate implant and Immediate loading, you will achieve your confidence again.