One Piece Implants

Low Cost Dental Implants with permanent teeth in 3 days

One piece implants – Low Cost Dental Implants is one of the miracles of modern implantlogy. By this treatment, you will get your new teeth just in one day. Our revolutionary technique “Permanent teeth in 3 Days” will help you to get back your confidence and comfort. It allows you immediate implants within three days. This technique special designed for all of the patients who want a better result in minimum time, but with maximum satisfaction. Also, one of the amazing things about this technique is there is no bone graft or augmentation required here.

One piece implants – A compatible treatment for you

Some reasons for following the order which made become one piece implements most convenient way. For many reasons it can be said that this one piece implant are very compatible and compatible treatment for pertinence. Like,

  • Whole this procedure could be completed in just 3 days.
  • Very cheap and simple way to treat.
  • Ensure you full quality before and after.
  • For some patients, full mouth dental implant may be very frightful in many ways.

Low Cost Dental Implants
Low Cost Dental Implants

But not in here. Because, in this treatment there is no fear of bleeding and swelling.

Single piece implant is more well- build and consistent other then screw based implants. A one-piece implant is a single component solid implant so there is no jointing or screw fixing problem at all. Where, other traditional screw implants cause hazarded with their screw joining or wrong angulations. Also, the connecting screw’s size and depth is a big problem of this kind of implantation. This 2 mm thin screw can break after some time or during the implantation.

In multiple implantations loosing of screw or screw tighten problem is very common. Also, it can be break or dis-angular sometime. Two or multiple implants never come with lifetime warranty what single piece does. So, now all companies are eliminating this screw based implant materials and going for single piece implants.

Low Cost Dental Implants

Advantages of one piece implants given below:

  • There are one or two joints or a connecting screw being attached in two or multi-piece implant procedure. But in a single piece implant, there are no joints or connecting screw. That’s why this implant has no distressing problem like other conventional screw implants.
  • No leakage problem in the implant component. Not even micro-leakage.
  • In multiple implants, there is a common problem of crystal bone but the single piece implant is free of this problem.
  • Because of no connecting screw, this implant has no tension of screw losing or breakage problem.
  • This implant is very strong so you will get a stronger and reliable implant for your lifetime. Here it can be mention that, we use 3mm single piece implant rather than 4mm conventional implant for this procedure.
  • One piece implant is very suitable for immediate loading. Whole procedure could be completed within 3 days.
  • It’s a flapless process so patients have not to fear about gum cut or stop any medicine like aspirin and heparin.
  • It is a very cheap treatment for all kind of patients. Most of the people think about how much Do Teeth Implants Cost. But if you compare it with 2 or multiple dental implants then single piece implant is more affordable from any other Low Cost Dental Implants.
  • Also, this treatment is time saving also. In other convenient implants patients have to attend many visits for the implants also need to come beck for their crown or bridge. But in this implant. All the procedure can be completed just in 3 days.

In conclusion, one piece implants is more reliable and strongest implant compared than other implants. It is a cheap, comfortable, convenient and most important 100% patient satisfactory dental treatment ever.