4 Reasons Why You Need Bone Grafting

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It is fairly common for people to have missing teeth and not do something about it. Loss of teeth can cause both functional and aesthetic blemishes that could easily compromise the quality of life. Worse still is a phenomenon called bone resorption, in which the bone starts blending right into the body because of teeth loss. This makes it nigh impossible to place teeth implants and the person is forced to come to terms with life.

Things have changed thanks to technology, making teeth implants accessible to most people with the use of bone grafting, a seamless process used by orthodontists to stimulate jawbone growth. And the best part is that dental implants are easily affordable and accessible in India when compared to bone graft dental in UK.

Four Reasons why a Person May Require Bone Graft Dental

1. Missing Teeth

If a sufficiently long period of time has passed after the loss of teeth, either due to extraction, or because someone accidentally knocked the tooth out of place, the patient might require bone graft dental. This is because their jawbone will have slowly deteriorated and there just won’t be enough support for teeth, making it unlikely for dental implants to snugly fit in place. This is where bone drafting comes to the rescue, restoring bone mass and jawline while strengthening the mouth to receive dental implants.

2. Periodontal Disease

Gum disease can weaken the jawbone and cause teeth to loosen or good. But patients can seek treatment for periodontal disease thanks to bone grafting which can restore the foundation to finally receive dental implants. Best dentures cost in UK can be fairly expensive, especially if the patient is not insured, a more effective alternative is to seek treatment in India at a fraction of the cost.

3. Teeth Misalignment

Misaligned teeth can also cause loss of bone mass over time. This is because when teeth lose their footing, bone stimulation decreases gradually because the teeth are not applying enough stress. This serves as a positive feedback loop, in that, the tooth loses its grip overtime because of dwindling bone bass. Although it is possible for patients to straighten their teeth, the damage to their bone mass may already have been done. But nothing that bone grafting won’t solve.

4. Anchor Dental Implants in Place

One of the main reasons for dental implants is the need to provide support to incoming dental implants. If the supporting bone mass is not strong enough to receive the implants, they will eventually get knocked out of place. Once the foundation is restored, patients can then receive dental implants and go about their life with a healthier and happier smile.

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