Are Dental Cleanings Painful?

Are dental cleanings painful?

All oral procedures are hard for people who are afraid of the dentist. But thorough teeth cleaning won’t cause as much pain and discomfort as getting a tooth pulled or getting a dental implant. You need cleanings to keep your smile healthy and bright. Let’s look at what this pain-free dentistry is and what it can do for you so that you don’t dread your next visit.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

During a dental cleaning, your dentist looks in your mouth for signs of tooth loss, gum disease, or other dental problems. If they find plaque and tartar during their search, dentists use special tools to get rid of bacteria from your teeth and gums.

Then, they brush your smile with a rough paste and an electric toothbrush to get rid of any stains or dangerous substances that are still on your teeth. Lastly, they cover your teeth with a fluoride gel that keeps your teeth from getting sick from illnesses.

How Often Should You Get Cleanings?

As a general rule, you should go to the dentist every six months to make sure your teeth stay clean and free of disease. Still, every patient has different needs and genetic traits that make them have to go through this dental process more often. For example, people with lips that are more likely to get periodontal disease shouldn’t let their smile go for too long and should get their teeth cleaned at least every three months.

Do Dental Cleanings Hurt?

Since dental cleanings get rid of bacteria that has built up on the surface of your teeth and gums, you should only feel a little bit of pain and soreness. Even though cleanings usually don’t hurt, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell your dentist if your mouth hurts.

If you don’t floss or brush your teeth properly or eat a lot of sugar, germs can destroy your smile and damage your oral tissue. Because of this, your teeth will be more sensitive when your dentist scrapes and removes plaque during dental cleanings. This could make the process harder to handle than normal.

Make sure to tell your doctor as soon as something hurts, and if you’re too nervous or scared, talk to them about sedation.

Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common health problems in the United States. It affects almost half of all adults. Getting regular cleanings is the first thing you should do to avoid this problem. When you don’t care about your oral health and let bacteria live in your mouth, plaque and tartar stick to your gums. This causes your gums to recede, bleed, and become inflamed.

If you have this problem and don’t get your teeth cleaned regularly, you could lose teeth, get cavities, and have bad breath. If you do this often, you won’t have to worry about blood and pain every time you brush your teeth.

Remove Cavities

In addition to preventing gum disease, cleanings are the key to avoiding cavities. Even if your teeth are exactly straight, food can get stuck on the surface and in the corners. This lets bacteria drill into your tooth enamel and hurt the tooth pulp.

In the worst cases, unfilled cavities can’t be fixed, so your dentist will have to pull them out. When you get a dental cleaning, holes are found early on and any harmful substances are removed, so they can’t hurt your teeth anymore.

Freshens Your Breath

The main reason to get dental cleanings is to prevent and treat mouth health problems. After the cleaning, your breath will also be better. Spicy and flavorful foods are fun to eat, but their particles stick to your teeth and mouth and make your breath smell bad. When dentists scrape away hard-to-reach bits of food, they get rid of the things that give you bad breath. This gives you the confidence to talk to people without worrying about how you smell.

Brightens Your Smile

Last but not least, cleanings can also make your teeth several shades lighter and improve the look of your smile. People who drink a lot of coffee, smoke, or drink wine are more likely to get stained teeth because the substances in these drinks are absorbed by the teeth and make them look yellow and old. With regular cleanings, your dentist can clear spots and stains on the surface of your teeth, giving you a perfect smile.

Are You Looking for Pain-Free Dentistry?

Dental cleanings are nothing to be afraid of, and they have a lot of benefits for your oral health. At our centre, we put the health and comfort of your teeth first. Contact our team right away if you want to try this or another painless dental treatment to improve your smile.

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