Save Over $50k on Your Average Cost of Dental Implants

Save Huge with Low Average Cost of Dental Implants in India

Do you hide your teeth when you smile because they aren’t in good shape? Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center can assist you in regaining your confidence by providing a low average cost of dental implants in India with Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM. It is worthwhile to read this post from beginning to end to know all the details.

With this method, you sure need not go bankrupt. If you compare the average price of dental implants in India to that of in the United States, you would be easily able to save anywhere from USD $15,000 to $50,000. A few of our patients who had their dental implants fitted in India were able to save more than $50,000.

All of the teeth in your upper, lower, or both jaws are replaced when you have a full mouth dental implant procedure. A pair of implants are secured, and prostheses are put in place to restore the sturdy, natural appearance of your teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, a whole arch, or the entirety of your mouth. Furthermore, implants can be placed without the need for uncomfortable and painful procedures like a sinus lift or a bone graft.

Average Cost of Dental Implants – The Factors to Consider

Average cost of dental implants is high because of a variety of factors, including the methodology, the number, the quality, and the duration of the procedure. Here is a list of some of the most important factors to consider before getting dental implants. We advise you to get in touch with Dr. Motiwala’s office so they can go over your x-rays and provide you all the information you need.

Average cost of dental implants
Mr. Taylor, a patient from new zealand, ultimately chose to travel to hyderabad in quest to reduce his average cost of dental implants, he finally got it at dr. Motiwala’s clinic.

EXTRACTIONS: The extraction of some patients’ natural, damaged teeth increases the price of dental implants overall. When compared to the overall cost of the treatment, a tooth extraction normally costs between $50 and $100.

BONE GRAFT: Implants hold up well in a healthy jaw bone. On the other hand, severe bone loss is linked to a variety of illnesses in addition to ageing. A bone graft is also required due to the usage of dentures, which weakens and shortens the jawbones.

In the US, a bone transplant normally costs roughly $1500. The Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM procedure developed by Dr. Motiwala, however, does not need a bone transplant, sinus lift, or other costly procedures like block grafting.

IV SEDATION: Basal implants are flapless and self-tapping. As a result, the procedure goes more quickly, and inducing anesthesia using pills is now a very effective method.

ADDITIONAL PROCEDURES: The costs of a few additional treatments necessary that contribute to the average cost of dental implants are contrasted in the table below between India and the United States of America.

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How Much Money Can You Save on Average Cost of Dental Implants?

If you choose our affordable dental implants in India for your complete mouth reconstruction or smile makeover, you can easily save roughly 80% on the total cost you spend in the USA, which includes air travel, a fair hotel stay, meals, and transportation.

One of our patients saved $20,000 in our clinic and was able to go to India. You may also be able to save up to $53,000 on the average cost of dental implants if you choose to have treatment at our Hyderabad clinic, which includes two dental holidays. Now, you must be curious to learn how.

The tables below indicate the average cost of dental implants for one of our patients who choose to get dental implants in India. In this instance, the patient was required to travel twice to Hyderabad for a full mouth fixed bridge with six implants, with a four-month recuperation period in between each trip. Using the cost comparison below, you can simply determine your savings.

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Thus, our affordable dental implants in India can save by over USD $50,000 on the average cost of dental implants and you could even be able to finish the process in only one visit!

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Save Huge on Average Cost of Dental Implants in India

In Hyderabad, India, at Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Clinic & Implant Center, basal dental implants are the best option for you. For those who want to avoid time-consuming treatments like bone grafting or sinus lift while saving money on dental implants. Dr. Motiwala has developed an all-inclusive dental tourism package, which is the cherry on top. Simply click the “Contact Us” button right now!

Average cost of dental implants in hyderabad

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