Benefits of a Zirconia Fixed Bridge

Benefits of a zirconia fixed bridge

It makes sense to get dental implants right away to replace lost teeth. When people get a zirconia fixed bridge to replace their lost teeth, it can help them in many ways. This is because zirconia bridges have a lot of benefits that no other replacement device can match. Here are some of the good things that can happen when a person gets a Zirconia fixed bridge.

What is a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

Zirconia fixed bridges are something you might not know about. They are, as the name suggests, fake teeth made from a block of zirconia that is attached to full-mouth dental implants. Even though zirconia comes in part from the metal zirconium, it is not a metal. It is a ceramic.

Zirconia is a naturally light color, and it can be shaped into very lifelike tooth bridges and other dental prosthetics. Once the zirconia bridge is firmly attached to the full-mouth dental implants that were put in during surgery, they look and work just like natural teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Zirconia Fixed Bridges?

Zirconia fixed bridges have perks that range from being useful to looking good. Zirconia fixed bridges have the following benefits:

Durability: Zirconia bridges are strong and durable, and with regular care and upkeep at home, they can last a lifetime. This makes them a great and long-lasting way for people to improve their smiles.

Natural Looking & Biocompatible: Zirconia bridges are made with metal, but zirconia itself is not metal. Instead, it is a biocompatible ceramic that looks like real teeth because it is clear. Patients with Zirconia fixed bridges have smiles that look natural.

Resistant to Odors & Stains: Dental bridge users worry a lot about their new smile getting stained and giving them bad breath. Zirconia bridges don’t get stained by most foods and drinks. Plus, they don’t make your breath smell bad.

Customizable: Zirconia fixed bridges are made to fit the shape of the wearer’s face, their chosen tooth color, and the size and shape of their natural teeth.

Promotes Jawbone Health & Strength: In a zirconia fixed bridge treatment, when full-mouth dental implants are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone, they fuse with the bone through a natural process called osseointegration. Once the dental implants are firmly and permanently joined to the jawbone, they stimulate it like a natural tooth root would. This keeps the jaw bone of the patient healthy and strong.

Get a Zirconia Fixed Bridge

When we use a zirconia fixed bridge to replace your lost teeth at our modern and trusted office, you will get a beautiful, long-lasting, and useful new smile. Your customized zirconia fixed bridge is made just for you using the most up-to-date tools and methods.

Don’t wait to come to us to fix your smile. Contact Dr. Motiwala and our quality team at our office in Hyderabad to set up a meeting today.

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