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Common Questions About Zirconia Teeth

It’s critical to understand the differences between zirconia and acrylic and to take into account why the two materials are employed at different points throughout the implant process given their distinct responsibilities. Acrylic measures at a 3, a natural tooth measures at a 5, and zirconia measures at an 8 to 8.5 on the Mohs […]
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Should You Go for Bone Graft Dental in USA?

If you are up for bone graft dental in USA, you have to understand the procedure. To begin with let’s focus on its primary aspect: the bone. Many people think of the bone as a rigid and hard material that cannot be modified. However, the bone remodels itself a lot. This is due to the […]
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How Much Do Permanent Dentures Cost?

How much do the permanent dentures cost in Canada? Often, people lose teeth due to accidents, age, or any dental complication. They are then fitted with dentures to enhance their facial appearance and regain their capability to chew and bite food. Removable dentures have prosthetic teeth that replace your previous teeth via a supporting mechanism. […]
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Full Mouth Reconstruction – All You Wanted to Know

Do you want to know how much do teeth implants cost? If you struggle with dental issues where merely false teeth, orthodontics, and fillings cannot fix your teeth, consider having full mouth reconstruction. In this treatment, some or all parts of your teeth are replaced or rebuilt. Full mouth reconstruction is a series of procedures […]
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Complications of Bone Graft Dental

If you have decided to go for a bone graft dental in Hyderabad, you must learn what to expect after the surgery. How to Treat Bone Particles? Small bone particles are used in a bone graft dental implant. After a bone graft surgery, you can expect to find tiny bone granules in your mouth in […]
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How Much does Implant Denture cost in India?

Those who are left without their teeth due to an accident, age, or a dental disease often go for dentures to enhance their biting ability and improve their facial looks. Usually, the cheapest dentures are made of plastic prosthetic. The costlier and more premium dentures are made of porcelain. While looking for dentures, one of […]
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Same Day Dental Implants in Canada & Alternatives

How does one get permanent teeth implants in one day? This can be done with the help of same day dental implants. In this procedure, to begin with, your dental surgeon will initiate a discussion with you. They will review your medical and dental history, reply to your questions, and explain in layman terms on […]
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Why Basal Implants in Hyderabad is a Better Option

Earlier when a patient needs a new pair of teeth, doctors had no choice other than recommending conventional dental plants. They came with the following limitations. Large amounts of bone were needed. Needed extended healing time. Needed surgeries of bone augmentation like sinus lift and bone grafting. It was quite sensitive to infection. Presented a […]
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What Is the Full Denture Implants Cost?

Are you reading dental implant reviews by patients? Are you thinking of opting for dentures? You can CLICK HERE to read the testimonials by hundreds of Dr. Motiwala’s patients from around the world. Dentures are also called false teeth. They are removable prosthetic teeth that are connected to a supporting foundation – one that can […]
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Cons of Bone Graft Dental in India

If you’re planning to get a bone graft dental surgery, you need to consider the demerits of your decision. Following are some reasons you should reconsider your decision. If the dental surgeon uses your hip bone for the graft, you are going to struggle a lot with walking for the next several days. The grafted […]
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