Common Questions About Zirconia Teeth

Faq about zirconia crowns

It’s critical to understand the differences between zirconia and acrylic and to take into account why the two materials are employed at different points throughout the implant process given their distinct responsibilities.

Acrylic measures at a 3, a natural tooth measures at a 5, and zirconia measures at an 8 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The acrylic arches are perfect for putting less pressure on implants throughout the healing process to offer a far greater possibility for osseointegration, or the period of time when the implant bonds with the jawbone, because acrylic is a kinder and softer material. The acrylics are unsuitable for long-term usage due to this characteristic as well. Every five to ten years, acrylic teeth would require replacement.

For this reason, Dr. Motiwala makes use of zirconia’s strength and aesthetics while shaping the final teeth for your new smile. Zirconia is the most resilient material used in dental prostheses, and zirconia teeth are meant to be long-lasting.

FAQ About Zirconia Teeth

Will having zirconia arches harm any remaining natural teeth because zirconia has a Mohs hardness value of roughly 8 whereas a normal tooth only has a hardness rating of 5?

Zirconia’s extraordinary durability is one of the reasons it is utilized for the final set of teeth in our procedure and is what makes it an excellent long-term choice for dental prostheses. Most of our patients want to replace all of their teeth with complete implant-supported restorations. For patients who want to replace just their uppers or lowers with an arch of new teeth, their dentist will assess the general condition of the patient’s original teeth before recommending a course of action.

Yes, the zirconia material might wear down the remaining natural teeth if, for instance, you grind your teeth at night and only have zirconia on either the upper or lower teeth. This makes it impossible to constantly attach a prosthesis to just the upper or lower jaw. Many patients are eligible for dental implants after they need to replace the majority of their teeth or when they have an immediate plan to replace the last row of teeth. The surgeon may provide you with more specific information about your best option during the appointment. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to replace more than half of your teeth, Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center is the place to head to.

Is zirconia harmful?

The hybrid’s main component, zirconia, is completely safe and harmless. Additionally innocuous is the porcelain used to cover the prosthesis.

Will having zirconia teeth alter the flavor of my food?

Zirconia is flavorless and has no odor. An implant-supported bridge is much more likely to improve the flavor of food by assisting with chewing and clearing the mouth of unpleasant and harmful bacteria that feed on an unhealthy natural tooth because there is no palate covering the roof of the mouth, as there is with what is connected to the top of a traditional denture.

A palate-covering denture, like the one in the picture above, restricts one’s ability to taste. Smooth zirconia hybrids just cover the gum ridge. This enables you to enjoy your favorite foods in their natural state and restores the full-mouth experience of eating.

Why can’t I receive zirconia teeth on the day of surgery?

The fact that the jawbone requires time to heal following surgery so that new implants can integrate is a natural fact. The success rate of whole mouth restorations is considerably increased by allowing a healing phase, and the patient may test-drive their acrylic prototypes for comfort and usefulness before the final zirconia teeth are created.

Please be aware that rushing this delicate process is a solution that benefits the clinic’s bottom line in order to get more patients through the door as quickly as possible, even though you may find an implant center marketing express and fast implant solutions that offers zirconia teeth on the same day.

After helping thousands of patients recover their smiles, our oral surgeons discovered that the healing time was a useful way in assessing patients’ new teeth for quality and long-term success. As a result, our process includes acrylic teeth on the same day as surgery. At Dr. Motiwala’s clinic, we put our patient’s comfort and health first.

Is zirconia heavy to touch?

Zirconia teeth do not feel weighty after being connected to implants that have fully healed. Biting down or opening and shutting your mouth may seem strange at first, but with practice, it will become second nature. In fact, patients tell us that when their teeth are extracted for cleanings and maintenance, it feels considerably odd.

Zirconia weighs far more than acrylic, which is around a quarter of the weight of zirconia, therefore this is a reasonable question. Another reason acrylic is better for healing is because it is lighter in weight. It is risky to put too much pressure on the implants before they have fully integrated.

Zirconia is more costly than acrylic as a material. Can I save money by having the individual teeth made of zirconia and the gums of my new teeth made of acrylic?

This is a commonly asked topic that reveals a lack of awareness regarding the proper fabrication methods for dental prosthesis. fresh teeth Prosthetics are no longer produced in pieces and segments.

Our restorative lab uses zirconia to produce a set of final teeth that appear amazingly lifelike and include both teeth and gums. This indicates that the teeth and gums are a single, sturdy structure. It is not necessary to grind the gums and teeth individually before joining them. Our design method guarantees that the final product will be more long-lasting and sturdy.

Do you manufacture zirconia removable partials or dentures?

With the help of our patients, our restorative team develops permanent, non-removable teeth that mimic natural teeth as closely as possible in appearance and feel. Both zirconia partials and dentures are not made by us.

Can a single implant’s crown be made of zirconia?

Your general dentist is referred to do the restorative procedure for a single implant operation, which more frequently necessitates bone grafting. Your general dentist selects the right material for the crown. The restorative dentists and in-house lab at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic are experts in full-mouth, implant-supported restorations, where we collaborate on the design of zirconia full-mouth arches.

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