Overview of Bone Graft Dental in Canada

Dental bone graft cost

Bone graft dental is one of the latest dental treatments that are used as a prerequisite for certain dental implants. Dental implantology has come a long way during the past decade or so and we have numerous innovations in it. One of these innovations is the meteoric increase in the popularity of bone grafting surgery.

Since dental implants are mostly done for people with poor oral health, dentists often find that the jaw bone wouldn’t suffice for the dental implant. The implant requires a strong structure in the bone so that the denture is positioned correctly.

Bone grafting becomes the need of the hour, if the structural integrity of the jaw bone isn’t guaranteed, and there is an off chance that the implant might not fall smoothly into position. There are bone graft options for same day dental implants in Canada.

Knowing the recent progression towards different methods of bone grafting, here we look at the options you have for bone graft dental in Canada.

Xenograft Tissue

Xenograft tissue graft requires the transplantation of an animal bone inside your body:


  • A common practice for surgeons to implement
  • Not derived from humans
  • Readily available without any extra efforts
  • Can heal all small defects in the body
  • Has been documented to be successful
  • The graft can end up turning into your own bone


  • Might not stimulate the cells within your body to form a bone.
  • The graft can remain in the body for years to come.
  • Cannot heal large defects. The graft can work to improve the condition of small defects, but falls short when it comes to improving large defects.

Alloplast Bone Graft

Alloplast bone graft uses a synthetic material as an alternative for the bone used inside your body. The synthetic material resembles an actual bone, and has a similar role:


  • This process is commonly used in surgery, so surgeons know all about it.
  • Not derived from humans
  • Is readily available
  • Has been known to be successful
  • There are no risks whatsoever for the transmission of diseases


  • The material might not stimulate your body to form the bone
  • Might not heal large defects
  • The graft remains within your body for a long period to come

Auto Graft Tissue

An autograft is a part of bone graft dental in Canada, where a bone from your body is transported to another:


  • No potential for disease transmission.
  • Has been commonly used in surgery, and is known for its success.
  • Large defects can be healed through this procedure.
  • Your bone helps settle in and can form cells for healing defects


  • Risk of infection are pain
  • An additional surgery would be required
  • Cannot be considered for everyone

Dental Bone Graft Cost

Dental Bone Graft cost is at an increase, with numerous complex options coming out. However, you can join numerous others to head towards more affordable and safer options in India. Medical tourism is a thriving industry, and many tourists head towards countries like India, where healthcare is affordable but the quality is high.

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