Soothing a Baby During Teething

Baby teething

You are probably experiencing baby teething issues if you have a drooling, cranky baby at home. Don’t worry; your parents have coped with this developmental period for decades before you. Here are some things to anticipate from your teething baby as well as advice on how to comfort them.

What’s happening as a baby is teething

Primary teeth start to erupt in babies between the ages of 6 and 12 months, with teething symptoms starting as early as 4 months. The ideal time for your infant to visit the dentist is when the first tooth erupts or around the time of his or her birthday.

Baby Teething Signs and Symptoms

Although not all infants will suffer teething symptoms, the majority will, including the following:

  • Red, sore, or swollen gums
  • A mild temperature (less than 101 degrees)
  • Drooling
  • Want to bite or chew
  • Crying, being cranky, and fussing
  • Changes in what you eat or sleep

If your baby develops a rash, throws up or has diarrhea, coughs, or has a temperature, it is not normal and you should take them to the doctor since these might be signs of an infection.

How to Calm a Baby While Teething

There are various things you may do to soothe your teething baby’s pain. Keep in mind to take care of yourself as well, and if you feel like you need some time away to calm down, put your child in a secure location, like their crib, and go for a stroll. Insist that caregivers understand not to ever shake a newborn.

Cold Compress: Chilly, whether in the form of a frozen teething ring, a damp washcloth, or even a cold pacifier, can ease gum discomfort.

Pain Relievers: Consult your physician or dentist regarding over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol®. Make careful you use the medication just as directed and not for a lengthy period of time.

Gnawing: Give your infant some things to chew on, such as clean toys or your fingers. As the teeth break through, the chewing action and pressure serve to reduce the discomfort.

Cleanliness: Keep the region dry and clean around your baby’s mouth to prevent chapping caused by excessive drool and prevent further pain. Additionally, since they want to chew on whatever they can get their teeth on, make sure that there are clean objects available for them to chew on to stop the spread of infections and diseases like thrush. If you have any uncomfortable mouth symptoms, consult a dentist.

Baby Teeth Eruption

In most situations, the bottom two front teeth erupt first, followed by the top two. Primary teeth then fill in on each side, followed by molars and canines. Later, as your child starts to switch from baby to adult teeth, they will fall out in the same sequence.

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