The Different Types of Dentures and What They Cost

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Dentures are one of the more advanced dental treatment options available, and they come with numerous benefits for patients who need them. Not only have dentures revolutionized the world of dental treatments, but they have also provided a cosmetic enhancement that sits well with what the customers expect from it.

The dentures we have in the market can be distributed into two broad types; partial and complete. Complete dentures are what dentists prefer to go for when all of the teeth within your mouth are missing. These dentures can fit within your whole mouth and act just like your natural teeth. The other type is that of partial dentures that act as a replacement for specific teeth, rather than the whole set.

We have explained the two, along with implant denture cost in Canada, in detail below:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures, as briefly discussed above, offer conventional and immediate denture treatment for the patients. These dentures are made after your gum tissue has started to heal and your teeth have been removed.

The dentures act as an alternative to your original teeth and are fixed around 8 to 12 weeks after all teeth have been removed from your mouth.

While conventional dentures take their time, immediate dentures can be placed immediately without much ado. By opting for immediate dentures, you may be able to accelerate the healing process involved with tooth removal.

As a result of the immediate nature of treatment with these dentures, the person getting the dental services can significantly shorten his/her recuperation period. However, the main disadvantage with immediate dentures is that they take more time to fit in properly within your teeth. Hence, with all the adjustments required as part of this treatment, you should consider this option only as an alternative to conventional dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are often attached to a gum-colored base, which is connected through a metal framework. The metal framework works as the abutment that holds the entire denture into place within your mouth. The nature of partial dentures is such that they can be placed individually as well.

This option is most sought after when patients have a couple of missing teeth within their gums. Partial dentures can perfectly fall in position within the place for missing teeth and ensure that the remaining teeth do not get out of shape.

Implant Dentures Cost in Canada

Implant dentures cost in Canada is dependent on numerous variables, including the clinic you are heading to, the nature of your teeth, and the implant type you need. The cost is, however, on the higher side of things. This is just why so many people are heading overseas for treatment.

The cost of upper dentures in a country like India, for instance, is relatively lower than that in Canada, which can save a lot of money for you.

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