What is a Dental Implant and Should You Get One?

Implant denture cost in hyderabad

If a patient has lost some or all of their teeth, a full denture or implant supported full bridge can be used to replace them. Dental implants replace both natural teeth even the lost bones.

Advantages of Teeth Implants over Traditional Dentures

There are several advantages of dental implants over conventional teeth restoration options. They mimic the same look and feel of natural teeth, and are designed for durability and long-lasting use. Teeth implants are more stable and comfortable than dentures because they are secured onto the bone, not the gums. This allows a person to retain their natural chewing and biting capacity.

Implant supported teeth provide support to nearby bone mass, preventing them from getting resorbed into the body. This preserves bone mass and helps the jaw look healthy. Teeth implants are the best way to restore the patient’s original facial aesthetics.

Dental implants are designed for long term use, unlike traditional teeth implants. Maintenance is also significantly easier with teeth implants.

It is however, of utmost importance for a person to receive dental implants right after tooth loss, otherwise the loss of teeth will make the surgical process more complicated. A collapsed jaw line due to bone loss results in an unattractive smile, and the subsequent loss of self-esteem.

How Implants are Secured

Teeth implants look a lot like cylinders or screws. These are placed on the jaw for the next 3 to 6 months to allow the implant and bone to bond together in order to anchor artificial teeth later on. Optional immediate dental implants can be worn over the implants to improve quality of life in the course of the next few months.

The next step is to attach extensions by uncovering the implants. Various connecting devices along with temporary healing caps make it possible for multiple crowns to get secured to the implants. The gums will heal in the next few weeks after this procedure.

Full bridges are then attached to the abutments, or the small metal posts used to tether the artificial teeth together. A short while later, the patient’s smile and confidence is completely restored, along with their ability to speak and chew food properly.

Implant Denture Cost in USA

Most surgical procedures are expensive in the United States, and implant dentures are no different. Implant denture cost in USA can exceed over $6000, most of which is not covered by dental insurance plans. In contrast, implant denture cost about 80 to 90 percent of what it would overseas, yielding the same results.

Similarly, implant dental cost in Australia can be very excessive and uncovered by the medical insurance. Patients might be forced to foot the entire bill out of their own coffers. A typical straightforward implant dental cost in Australia can go above $6500 per tooth. This is obviously not convenient, especially if the patient has several teeth missing!

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