What Is the Full Denture Implants Cost?

full denture implants cost

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Dentures are also called false teeth. They are removable prosthetic teeth that are connected to a supporting foundation – one that can be taken off easily from your mouth. Dentures are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive dental implants. The cost of a denture depends on whether you need a dental for partial teeth or do you want a complete set of dentures for your mouth. Other factors include your chosen dental surgeon, your residential area, and the type of material used in the dentures.

Cost of Upper Dentures

In the U.S, dental insurance plans rarely cover dentures. When they do cover, they offer cheap dentures with poor quality. If you wear them, then you might have to bear several side effects in the future. This is because they don’t last long. A minor accident is enough to weaken them. Similarly, their unreliable quality may increase the likelihood of developing dental diseases. Additionally, while wearing them, you cannot expect to fool anyone into believing that they are your real teeth. They look artificial and can affect your overall appearance. In the U.S, cheap dentures can cost around $400-500. For the cost of upper dentures, one might have to pay about $800-$1000.

A full denture implants cost can be around $3,000. These dentures are a definite improvement over cheap dentures as they look more natural and can last for a long time, but they are still not the best option out there.

If you need the best dentures, then the cost of a full denture may swell up to $8,000. These dentures are designed according to the mouth of a patient.

If the cost of high-quality dentures worries you, then you can consider visiting Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center. Dr. Motiwala will provide you customized premium dentures at an affordable cost – around 20% of your entire budget. His treatment is based on the use of high-quality materials and processes due to which these dentures look exactly like real teeth and gums. What’s more, is that they can serve you well for a long time; expect them to run for more than a decade.

If your budget is flexible and you can afford more expensive dental treatment to replace your missing teeth, then you can also consider bridges and dental implants. These procedures may be more complex and costly, but they also offer more advantages.

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