When Do You Need a Bone Graft Dental Implant?

Bone graft dental in usa

Bone grafts are becoming a popular form of dental surgery because of how effective they can be. The treatment is essential for performing an implant within your mouth, as it replaces any damaged or missing bone within your jaw.

A bone graft dental treatment in the USA can improve the condition of your teeth, regardless of whether a cavity has damaged the teeth or a gum disease has led to tooth loss. When one tooth suffers because of any reason, the teeth surrounding it also suffer from degeneration and begin falling off. A bone graft treatment is necessary as it repairs the damaged bone above the teeth and facilitates the regeneration process.

Bone graft dental in Hyderabad is extremely necessary. Without this treatment, the dental implant you are going for wouldn’t be able to latch on to the bone properly.

The question now arises as to when you require a bone graft treatment. You might require bone graft surgery in any of the following instances:

Lost Tooth

Once you lose a tooth from your mouth, the bone above tends to suffer. The bone, if neglected for an extensive period of time, will suffer the brunt of the degeneration process and won’t perform the way it is expected to. In only one year after you lose a tooth, your jaw bones might have degenerated by 25 percent or more.

Neglect on your part might mean that there eventually won’t be enough mass in the bones to support the placement of dental implants. The bone graft procedure comes in handy over here, as it improves the condition of your jaw bone. A bone graft dental implant will ensure that the bone is sturdy enough to bear the burden of an implant.

Periodontal Disease

Patients who suffer from a periodontal disease might also face degeneration within their jaw bones. The degeneration can cause the bone above your teeth to degenerate, leading to tooth loss. The bacterium doesn’t stop here, as it spreads further to render your jaw bone useless for a bone graft procedure.

The best way out of this conundrum is to get a bone graft dental in Hyderabad and fix the issue once and for all, and that too at an affordable rate.

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma, which includes the consistent clenching and grinding of teeth, can also create the need for a bone graft dental in USA. The constant pressure exerted on your teeth ultimately leads to multiple repercussions, including the need for a dental bone graft treatment.

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