Why Flossing Is a Must for Healthy Teeth?

Flossing with braces on

Flossing your teeth might seem like just another thing you have to do, but it’s a necessary step if you want to keep your mouth and overall health in good shape. We’ve been told for years that we need to brush our teeth twice a day to keep them healthy, and that’s true. But brushing isn’t the whole story. Researchers have found that flossing is just as important for good oral health as brushing. Some doctors think that flossing once is like brushing twice, but that doesn’t mean you can skip brushing and just floss. It just means that flossing is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy. It doesn’t matter if you floss or brush your teeth first, or if you use waxed or unwaxed floss. Flossing at least once a day is the most important thing. After brushing, make sure to rinse your mouth out well.

Plaque starts to form on your teeth after you eat or drink. Plaque is very sticky when it first sticks to your teeth, but over time it turns into a very hard substance that can only be removed by a dentist. At first, plaque is acidic and starts to wear away your teeth’s enamel and make your gums swell up. Periodontal disease starts with gum inflammation, which can lead to dangerous conditions like heart disease, obesity, pneumonia, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. It’s hard to believe, but cleaning your teeth properly every day can solve a lot of health problems.

No matter how old you are, you should always floss. One thing to keep in mind is that you have teeth. People who are at high risk should pay special attention to how often they floss. Some health problems can lead to dry mouth, which can make you more likely to get gum disease and cavities because saliva washes away harmful bacteria in your mouth. If you have a dry mouth because of medicine or a health problem, talk to your dentist about how to fix it, and be sure to take good care of your teeth.

You need to floss every day, and you also need to do it right. The steps are easy to follow. Take about 18 inches of floss, waxed or not, and loop one end around each middle finger, if that helps. Pull the floss tight, then slide it between two teeth. Use a back-and-forth motion to get rid of any food stuck near your gums. Then, use an up-and-down motion to get rid of any food stuck between your teeth. Do this for each tooth, and make sure to use a new piece of floss for each tooth. After you floss, give your mouth a good rinse.

Flossing Is for Kids’ Teeth Too!

Flossing is just as important for kids as it is for adults, even if the first time may be hard. Your child is old enough to start brushing when they have two teeth that touch. Even if it seems hard at first, starting early will teach your child how important it is to take care of their teeth, which is a skill that will help them for the rest of their lives. You’ll have to get creative, but there are ways to make flossing more fun for your kids. They’ll thank you later for teaching them to take care of their teeth.

Five Fun Motivators to Teach Kids to Floss

  • Reward Success: Buy or make a flossing chart and put it on the wall of their bathroom. Add a star or sticker for each day they flossed in a row. After they have flossed for a few days in a row, give them a treat like a special movie or a later bedtime.
  • Fun and Games: Children like to do fun things, so make flossing fun for them. Have a dance party, go on an exciting journey, or tell a thrilling story where the kids who are flossing win. You’ll be more successful and your child will be more likely to keep flossing as an adult if you make it a fun family activity instead of a boring job.
  • Cool Tools: Adult flossing tools are boring, but kids’ flossing tools are brightly colored and small enough to fit in their hands. Some of them light up!
  • Praise Them: Everyone likes praise, so tell them how good they are at flossing and how well they are learning how to do it. Just don’t put on a show.
  • Watch Me: You can’t tell your kids how important it is to floss if you don’t do it yourself. Show people how to do it and floss every day. Make it a family game with rewards for the whole family, and your kids will look forward to the flossing time.

Four Easy Steps to Flossing

Flossing is not hard, but you have to do it right if you want it to work. The American Dental Association says that this is the best way to brush your teeth.

  • Wind: Use about 18 inches of floss and pull it tight between your thumbs and middle fingers. You can use floss that has been waxed or floss that has not been waxed.
  • Guide: Move the floss up and down between each tooth with your middle finger. Don’t hurt your gums by pressing too hard or moving too quickly.
  • Glide: Move the floss slowly and easily up and down and back and forth.
  • Slide: Use a smooth motion to slide the floss over the top of the teeth and under the gum line. For each tooth, use a clean section of floss. Make sure to rinse your mouth out well after you chew.

There are options for regular floss if you don’t like it. You can choose waxed or unwaxed floss, or you can use a flosser that you hold in your hand. There are manual and electric versions of these. They work just like dental floss, but you hold the handle instead of the floss.

If you have braces or other orthodontic devices, your doctor can give you special orthodontic floss or floss threaders. With the same steps as above, these are great for working in small areas. Make sure the floss doesn’t get stuck in your braces or other orthodontic devices, and use light pressure so you don’t hurt your lips.

It’s important to floss every day, and after a short time, it will feel as normal as brushing your teeth. Call us right now if you have questions about how to floss for yourself or your kids. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We are excited to talk with you.

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