Protect Your Teeth While You Sleep With a Night Guard

Dental night guards

There may be home remedies available for people who grind their teeth at night. Enamel erosion from teeth grinding can lead to jaw discomfort. Due to the fact that the teeth grinding happens at night, it may be challenging for the person to stop on their own. We can ascertain your particular requirements and give you the night guard, a device that stops teeth from clenching against one another at night.

Common Signs a Night Guard is Necessary

A family member may observe you grinding your teeth at night as a typical indicator. A continuous discomfort in the teeth and jaw is another prevalent indication of teeth grinding. The enamel of the teeth is harmed by teeth grinding. The enamel is worn away when teeth are ground, which increases the risk of dental decay, sensitivity, exposed nerves, and finally tooth loss. Sometimes tooth grinding can even lead to migraines and gum recession. All of these issues may be avoided by seeing a night guard dentist.

A Night Guard Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Long-term tooth decay and wear-and-tear from teeth grinding will increase the cost of complicated operations to fix the damage. But purchasing a night guard can help individuals save more cash and maintain the health of their teeth. Visit our office to prevent these issues and the related costs of resolving them in order to avoid this financial burden in the future. Get a night guard as a smart investment before you require more expensive procedures.

An Oral Night Guard Will Reduce Discomfort

Teeth grinding could be the source of any headaches, face pain, jaw pain, or even sleeplessness that you’re now experiencing. The upper and lower teeth won’t come into contact since a sleep guard will protect the delicate dental nerves. A patient who has a night guard will awaken feeling rested and less anxious. A patient will also notice a significant improvement in how sensitive their teeth and jaw are after wearing sleep guards. The enamel will be preserved and the sensitive teeth will be guarded by a night guard.

The Night Guard Will Be a Custom Fit

Due to their perception of night guards as bulky, ungainly, and unpleasant mouthguards, many people decide not to use them. Fortunately, people may not know how unnoticeable and attractive nightguards are. In order for the night guard to feel natural and blend in with the patient’s natural teeth, we will custom-fit it to their teeth. Patients can use the night guard while they sleep and often get a restful night’s sleep.

Night Guards

A type of retainer called a night guard stops teeth grinding while you sleep. To make the night guard more pleasant to wear and to provide more effective therapy, we will fit it to your teeth.

When it’s feasible, we attempt to tailor your treatment at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center to your requirements and schedule. During your visit and treatment, our qualified team will do all in their power to make you feel at ease. Any dental problems you may be having will be identified, and we will work with you to find the best solution.

To help patients feel more at ease throughout the operation, our team works hard to make the office a welcoming place. We can put you on the path to a lifetime of excellent dental health and help you avoid harm to your teeth. At Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, the health of your teeth is our first priority.

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