Same Day Dental Implants in Hyderabad, India

Same day dental implants in usa

Dental problems never cease to end. Daily, hundreds and thousands of people are in need of dental implants in order to get a new set of teeth. While some are unable to pay for the high expenses, there are also those who cannot deal with the waiting period that is needed to get traditional dental implants. Thankfully, the introduction of the same day dental plants has solved the perpetual conundrum. So, how do these modern implants work?

Same day dental implants in hyderabad
Same day dental implants in hyderabad

How Do Same Day Dental Implants Work?

When dental surgeons recommend same day implants, they simply fix a temporary crown in your mouth after the insertion of a dental implant. This dental strategy is primarily geared towards fulfilling aesthetics purposes and giving the patient a smile makeover.

However, this does not mean that same day dental implants are any less operational than conventional implants. You can brush, floss, chew, and eat with them without any reluctance or uncertainty in your mind. Moreover, this treatment does not only offer an implant for a single tooth, but you can also get it for several teeth at once!

For example, dental surgeons often use all-on-4 lower dentures to equip patients with same day dental implants. In this treatment, they attach four implants with the jaw bone so it can have the required support for a complete denture. Same day implants differ from conventional implants in two aspects:

  • The time needed for implant placements is higher with conventional implants.
  • The placement of the crown also varies. In conventional implants, dentists often have to wait for a specified number of weeks before they can place a crown in your mouth. On the contrary, same day dental implants facilitate dentists to place a temporary crown in your mouth immediately after they insert an implant.

Who Can Get Same Day Implants?

Arrange an appointment with Dr. Irfan Motiwala to assess whether or not the same day dental Implants treatment can work for you.

Generally, this treatment is for those who have taken good care of their oral hygiene and have also maintained their physical health. Do not consider same day dental implants if you have any of the following.

  • Smoking addition
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Chronic disease
  • Poor physical or oral hygiene

Same Day Dental Implants in the USA

If you’re considering same day dental implants in the USA, your bills can go as high as $15,000 for multiple patients. Such treatment can work for patients with missing teeth, bad teeth, and broken caps. Apart from the exorbitant bills, you might struggle to get an appointment with the best doctors. Luckily, all is not lost. The same treatment with comparable quality is available in India, thanks to Dr. Irfan Motiwala. Therefore, book a 3-day trip to India and visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center to get your same day dental implants in Hyderabad.