The Good, the Bad & the Neutral Bacteria

The good, the bad & the neutral bacteria

If you live in a place where antibacterial gels, soaps, plastics, and even fabrics are common, you might be surprised to learn that your mouth is full of germs every day, and not all of them are bad. In fact, some of them are very important to your health as a whole.

Some bacteria in the mouth, on the other hand, can cause major problems and need to be fought with good oral hygiene. We want to help you figure out how germs affect your health and well-being.

What are Bacteria?

Bacteria are very small living things that are made up of only one cell. Compare that to the more than 37 trillion cells in a human body. Bacteria have their own DNA, and just like you, they need food to get energy. Nearly 700 different kinds of bacteria can live in your mouth, but most people only have 34–72 types at any given time.

What Do Bacteria Do?

Some of the germs in your mouth are good, some are bad, and some are not either good or bad. Probiotics are the name for the good bacteria that help digestion, which starts in the mouth. On the other hand, the bad germs can lead to tooth decay and serious gum disease. Three types of bacteria that are known to be bad for your mouth health are on the “Most Wanted” list:

  • Most of the time, germs called Streptococcus mutans are to blame for tooth decay. Any sugar left in your mouth after you eat is eaten by these bugs. As they eat, they make acid that slowly wears away at your teeth.
  • The most common causes of gum disease or periodontal disease are Denticola and P. gingivalis. These bacteria make poisons that hurt the tissue in your gums. To fight off the toxins, your body will naturally cause inflammation. But inflammation that lasts for a long time is bad for your mouth and body and can even make you lose teeth.

The Oral-Systemic Link

When we were kids, we learned that every part of your body is related to every other part. If you are unhealthy in one part of your life, you will also be sick in another part. When it comes to your mouth, this is especially true.

Your teeth, gums, and mouth can tell a lot about how healthy the rest of your body is. Your mouth is one of the main ways that food and other things get into your body. Harmful bacteria can affect other parts of your body if they move through your gut or get into the blood vessels in your gums.

The most well-known links between oral health and overall health are heart health and diabetes, but new study is being done every day. The oral-systemic link is made up of all of these links. Dentists, doctors, and experts all work together to learn more about the link between the mouth and the rest of the body and how it can be used to improve your health in all parts of your life.

In a recent study, the antibodies of certain oral bacteria were found to have “significant associations” with pancreatic cancer. Antibodies are how your body fights off things that are bad for it. If your mouth has a lot of antibodies for a certain type of bacteria, it could mean that your body is fighting sickness in your mouth and in other parts of your body. This is great news, since pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest to find and treat. By using the power of the link between the mouth and the rest of the body, you can prevent serious health problems before they even start.

Bad bacteria can be kept away from your mouth by brushing, flossing, and going to the doctor regularly. Make an appointment with us today to learn more about how a healthy mouth can help you live a healthy, happy life.

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