Things To Know About Basal Implants in Canada

Basal implants in canada

In the recent dental history, a certain type of dental implants has gained prominence. These implants – basal implants – have become popular because they help patients to get fixed with dental implants within a few days, rather than letting them wait for months.

In Canada, a large portion of the population struggles from gum diseases. In some cases, this gum infection ends up with tooth loss. Mostly, dentists combat this dilemma with the help of dental implants. However, since conventional dental implants need healthy bone and gum support, therefore patients have to undergo multiple surgeries before they can receive a dental implant.

With basal implants, the dental industry made a crucial breakthrough. Dental surgeons are increasingly using these dental implants because they don’t need strict oral hygiene before the surgery. Additionally, they also turn out to be a lot more effective than conventional dental implants.

1. How Long Do the Basal Implants Last?

Basal implants are not like dentures or outdated dental implants that required a change of equipment after every few years. Once you get yourself fitted with basal implants, you are good to go for the rest of your life. Hence, they resemble natural tooth the most – in terms of looks, feeling, and functioning.

2. How Much Pain Will You Have to Undergo?

Generally, patients receive local anesthesia while having basal implants. In the majority of the cases, patients have reported feeling lesser pain than they sensed in a tooth extraction procedure. When the surgery is completed, dental surgeons prescribe painkillers to limit pain. A muscle strain may trigger mild headaches, although it is easily treatable with routine medications.

3. What to Do After the Surgery?

After the surgery, it is important to adhere to the instructions regarding oral hygiene that are provided by your dental surgeon. In this way, you cannot only heal faster, but it also reduces the likelihood of any post-surgery infection.

When the healing period is finished, you must support your basal implant with regular and detailed care. With these dental implants, a lot of the onus falls to the patient’s shoulder.

Basal Implants in India

If you are planning to get basal implants in Canada, think again. Book a flight to India and visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center for the installation of basal implants in India. With a reputed dentist like Dr. Irfan Motiwala performing the surgery, you can’t ask for a better dental surgeon!


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