Why Bone Grafting Before Dental Implants?

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Bone graft dental in Australia is a remarkable way to restore missing teeth. They can mimic the natural feel and look of teeth, and have the potential to last for long after installation, provided the patient takes care of their oral health. Yet many patients believe they can skip this process and directly get dental implants.

This is not advisable because in order for the new implants to stay in place, they need to be anchored to a secure site. If the patient does not have adequate bone mass, which is almost always the case if sufficient time has passed after the loss of teeth, then their new implants simply won’t hold.

In terms of cost, dental bone graft cost in India, Hyderabad is small percentage of what you would expect from Australia, UK, Canada, and US. We recommend opting for dental implants in India due to the affordable dental bone graft cost.

Your Bone and Implants Are Mutually Exclusive

Bone graft dental in Australia is recommended to patients because of their important role in securing new implants in place. The dental implants restore the natural jaw line and the person’s natural face. During a bone grafting procedure, your orthodontist will add bone to the jaw. This will obviously require you to undergo plenty of healing before you can receive the new implants.

It is also very important for the bone to fully integrate with the body, hence a few months are needed for proper fusion. In some cases, if the bone graft procedure itself is relatively minor, the patient might be able to receive timely implants.

How Does Bone Graft Dental in Australia Work?

Your orthodontist will plan your bone graft according to your mouth structure. It is very common for the bone to borrowed from the patient’s own body. This is beneficial because the patient shares the same cells with their bone, which also poses no risk of transmitting any disease. It is also common for the bone to be received from an animal or donor. Modern technology has also made it possible to artificially graft new materials.

Once the patient heals from their surgery, their body will slowly begin accepting the new bone, and replace old cells with new ones.

What are the Risks with Bone Grafting?

For all its advantages, bone grafting does carry a small risk of infection and a few other complications. But this is true for all surgery. Our highly trained oral surgeons at Dr. Motivala Dental Clinic & Implant Center will take steps to ensure you have the best surgery and your implant process completes without any complications. The price tag is only a fraction of the some of the best dentures cost in Australia.

The patient also has a role to play in protecting themselves from possible problems, which is only possible if they follow their surgeon’s instructions after the bone graft.

Best dentures cost in Australia can be quite expensive, costing up to $4,000 per teeth depending on which clinic you seek your treatment from. In India, you can get the same treatment for all your teeth at just a fraction of the price. The quality of results is either the same or better than what you would expect from home.

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